Cancer – Now What?


All too often we hear that someone we know—possibly a friend, relative, neighbor, church member, coworker, or client—is dealing with cancer. We want to reach out with care and support, but we may not be sure how.

Good Shepherd’s Cancer—Now What? Ministry provides, a simple, powerful way to help.

  1. Take a book: Visit the Cancer—Now What? Ministry display at the Information Desk in the foyer. Sign a card and place it in the provided envelope. Then take a copy of Cancer—Now What? and a Giver’s Guide at no charge.
  1. Give a book: The Giver’s Guide will help you give the book to a person with cancer or to his or her loved one.
  1. Make a donation: Use a Cancer—Now What? Ministry offering envelope to give any amount you can (each book with Giver’s Guide costs $20). Our congregation will use your offering to buy an ongoing supply of books for anyone who wants to give one.

About the Book

Cancer-Now What? was written by Dr. Kenneth Haugk, a clinical psychologist and pastor who walked alongside his wife, Joan, during her cancer journey. In writing this book, he worked with a research team that included Good Shepherd members Joel Bretscher & David Paap to gather firsthand knowledge and experiences from more than 3,500 cancer survivors, loved ones, and medical professionals. Visit the website to learn more about the book.


Inside the front cover of every copy of Cancer—Now What? is this inscription:

You are receiving this book from a caring friend and the people of

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
237 Woods Mill Road
Manchester, MO 63011
(636) 391-6685

We pray for and seek to serve anyone
who is dealing with cancer, whether as
a patient, family member, or caregiver.
If you need assistance, please contact us.

A prayer for those with cancer and their loved ones:

Gracious Father, you sent your Son Jesus to
save us from sin, heal our diseases, and give us
abundant life.

Pour out your healing love on those afflicted with cancer.

Bless all who love, support, and care for them.

Give grace sufficient for the challenges they face:
Courage when they are afraid,
Comfort when they are in pain,
Trust in your promises, and
Hope for each and every day.

We praise and thank you for your grace and mercy.

By the power of your Spirit, we place our trust in you
and pray in the only name under heaven
given for health and salvation
—the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.



For More Information or Help Contact:

Healing Ministries Team Leader David Paap ( or 636-220-7530)

Viki Longfield, RN, MSN, Advanced Nurse Oncology, Cancer—Now What Ministry? Coordinator ( or 314-706-2602)

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Office: (636) 391-6685