2,236 fed in 2017

Let’s feed 2,330 in 2018!

October 10-14, 2018  –    Hosted at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

Registration for our 2018 MobilePack event will open at 8:00am on August 13, 2018.
The registration link will be found on this page!

It’s not too early to start fundraising (go to mpstl.org – all funds will be used to purchase food) or to check out if your company has any charitable giving programs, after all there are still way too many children who die of hunger each and every day.  We will need to raise $190,000 this year.

Thank you so very much for your generous donations, and for volunteering your time at our 11th annual Feed My Starving Children MobilePack event.

We started back in late 2016 with a goal of packing 650,000 meals but… we had a dream of feeding 2017 children in 2017 which meant we would have
to pack over 737,000 meals.

HOWEVER…. you helped us pass both goals!!!   We pretty quickly said good-bye to that 650,000 goal, and then skipped on past the 737,000 goal.
By the time the pack was over we had raised $180,000 and packed 816,480 meals.  We had packed 166,450 meals beyond our first goal!!
This means 2,236 children will have a nutritious meal each day for a year!

We hope we’ll see all 2,800 of you at our 2018 MobilePack #1810-094AU  –  October 10-14, 2018.  Mark your calendars now!

If any of you want to be more involved and help us feed even more children next year, come join our committee.
Contact Suzie Everingham – severingham@gslcelca.org

Thank you again for being the hands and feet of Jesus and helping feed His hungry children.  We are extremely grateful for each and every one of you!

See you in 2018!