Sunday School For All Ages

Good Shepherd’s Sunday morning ministry is open to all ages 2 (as of Aug. 1st) – adult. Class times are 9:30-10:40 am on Sundays during the school year.

classes begin and end in their age-level classrooms (upper level of church building)

K-5th GRADE- Kindergartners through 5th graders begin their morning with music and a large group opening downstairs in room 150. We use the SPARK rotation curriculum … Each week your child will be looking at the bible story in a different way featuring Bible Skills & Games, Science & Cooking, Movies & Art, and, Church Chums (Buddies Together Worshiping). Rotation schedules are posted around the church building with scheduled grade level pick-up place. Each story ‘rotation’ will last three weeks.

Each class will share a song, reading, skit or message in worship two or three times during the school year. We love to see our young people share their energy and talents with the congregation!

MIDDLE SCHOOL YOUTH (6-8TH GRADE)- Meet in ‘theMiddle’ (Room 147) each Sunday for a time of faith discovery, growth and community building! Our time together is meaningful as we consider ways our faith ‘meets us’ in theMiddle!

FLY HIGH SCHOOL- Meet in the FLY Room (Room 107) Come enjoy donuts and fellowship as we grow in our faith together!

Sunday Morning Bible Study- 
9:30 am | Room 108 Contact: Steve Spoerle at
Sunday Morning Topical Class- 9:30 am | Room 205 Each week brings a new topic in Christian faith or service.
Contact: Becky Howard at for more information

Rally Day & Church Picnic


Faith Milestones is an important part of our Children’s Ministry program. Through these age-level milestone events, we partner with parents to learn, grow and then to celebrate these events. Following is a listing of the Faith Milestone Events:

LITTLE LAMBS FIRST BIBLE FAITH MILESTONE – Our youngest Sunday School class receive a Children’s Preschool Bible from their parents as a reminder of the baptismal promise of “putting God’s word into the hands of their children.”

FIRST GRADE SMALL CATECHISM / LORD’S PRAYER FAITH MILESTONE – Our first graders and their parents are introduced to the Small Cat (children’s version of Luther’s Small Catechism) with a special emphasis on The Lord’s Prayer.

THIRD GRADE “BOOKS OF THE BIBLE” FAITH MILESTONE – Our third grade families spend three Sunday morning classes walking through the bible, learning a key verse from each book.

SECOND AND THIRD GRADE FIRST COMMUNION FAITH MILESTONE – Our third and fourth grade families will meet for three consecutive Wednesday evenings to learn more about this sacrament that is so important to our faith.

CONFIRMATION – Confirmation instruction begins in sixth grade and is held weekly, on Wednesday evenings, as part of our SOS program. Our sixth, seventh and eighth graders meet from 5-6:00 pm with our pastors for Confirmation instruction and are then invited to be part of our Youth Club family-style meal at 6, followed by after-dinner community-building and service breakout groups from 6:30-7:30.

For more information about these programs or registration please contact Becky Howard