FMSC MobilePack Resources

FMSC ToolKit - 2019

 Name and LinkDescription
01bOne Page Flyer with BoysEvent Flyer with picture of Boys
01gOne Page Flyer with GirlsEvent Flyer with picture of Girls
02Feed My Starving Children MobilePack Website Page-2019Website Page
03OverviewTitlePageOverview Title Page
04PackHistory-2019Pack History from 2007-2018
05FMSC-Who-Is-FMSC-DuplexWho is Feed My Starving Children Flyer
06FMSC-InfoSheet-2019Informational Sheet about Feed My Starving Children
07FMSC-AnnualReportMobilePackHeroes-2017-18List of MobilePacks who have held events 10 or more years
08CountriesServedByFMSC-2019Some of the countries servered by FMSC
09PromotionTitlePagePromotion Title Page
10FMSC-GeneralPromotionPoster-2019General Promotion Poster - No specifics about the MobilePac
11MobilePackBrochure-DuplexShortEdge2019Legal-38-2019Good Shepherd MobilePack 2019 Brochure
12FMSCBrochure-2019Feed My Starving Children MobilePack Brochure
13FMSC-Packing-Locations-Poster-11x17BlankFMSC Call to Volunteer Flyer - Ready to be filled in - Boy in Red Shirt
14FMSC-Packing-Locations-Poster-11x17Filled-2019FMSC Call to Volunteer Flyer - With GSLC Event Info - Boy in Red Shirt
15FMSC-FillablePromotionPoster-2019FMSC New Call to Volunteer Flyer - With GSLC Event Info - Smiling Girl Eating
16FMSC-MP-Volunteer-LocationFillablePoster-15-11x17-2019FMSC - Old Call to Volunteer Flyer - With GLSC Event Info - 3 Blocks of Info
17MSC_MobilePack_FillablePoster_Insert_PrintOnlyPage1Fillable-2019FMSC - Very Basic Event Information Flyer - With GSLC Event Info - 5 Pictures
18FMSC_MobilePack_FillablePoster_PrintSingleSided-2019FMSC - Set of 2 Event Info Flyers - With GLSC Event Info - 2 Boys, Lady with Child
19FMSC-PromotionGeneralPoster-2019FMSC - Event Info - Boy Looking Up
20FMSC-CreateYourTeam-FillablePoster-PrintPage1Fillable-2019FMSC - Create a Team Flyer
21GSLC_MobilePack_Impact_2007-2018GSLC Impact Report for 2007-2018
21fFMSC-ImpactReport-18-19FMSC Impact Report for Fiscal Year Feb 2018-2019
22FMSC_MobilePack_Flyer_80dollars-2019Flyer - $80 Feeds a Child for One Year
23PromotionPosters-201914 Posters - Pictures of Food, Children, MannaPack Boxes etc.
24FundraisingTitlePageFundraising Title Page
25PayForOurEvent-2019Pay For Our Event Flyer - Pictures of Checks
26FundraisingWorkbookDuplex-2019Fundraising Pages from FMSC MobilePack Document
27FMSC-Great-Ways-to-Fundraise-2019FMSC - Great Ways to Fundraise Flyer
28Sponsor-FinalForm-2019GSLC - Fundraising Sponsorship Form
29GSLC-FundraisingIdeas-General-3-2019GSLC - Fundraising Ideas
30CoinBoxes-2019Coin Box Flyer
32ResourcesTitlePageResources Title Page
35GeneralInfo-2019General Info about the GSLC Pack
36FoodCosts-2019Various Costs Flyer - 5 Children, Child for a Year, Full Box, Full Shift etc.
37bWeCanHelp-Business-2019sWays We Can Help - For Non-Church Groups
37cWeCanHelp-Churches-2019Ways We Can Help - For Church Groups
38ContactInfo-2019Contact Info of GSLC Team Members
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FMSC - Publicity

 Name and LinkDescription
01West News Magazine Article - GSLC enters 12th year, seeks volunteersWest News Magazine Article from 2018 - Click to see the actual article.
02West News Magazine - Food Packing Event Hits New RecordWest News Magazine article from 2018 about successful pack - Click to see the actual article