South Florida Hurricane Relief Trip
March 18-24

Cost per person: $475 + Travel**
(Cost will be significantly less than this due to previous fundraising and deposits with PPM for our canceled Guatemala trip. Participants will likely only need to cover cost of travel.)

Praying Pelican Missions
PPM partners with local churches. We had planned a mission trip to Guatemala in 2020 through PPM, but had to cancel due to Covid. PPM will allow us to transfer deposits paid toward this trip. 

Who Can Go?
Typically, GSLC mission trips have been intergenerational, with 6th grade as the cutoff. However, if families want to serve together, this can be flexible. Our vision is intergenerational ministry for this trip. 

What will we do?
Whatever is needed! PPM will connect us with local ministries to support the community. We are in the early stages of planning and will be able to share more details soon. 

Where will we stay?
We will stay at a church, likely sleeping on floors (bring an air mattress!).

What about COVID-19 safety?
PPM has been working hard to implement safety measures to enable ministry to happen. General safety guidelines will be practiced (hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, food safety, masks when needed, etc.)

How will we get there?
Details are not final yet, but we will likely rent 15 passenger vans and drive. It will be a long drive and we may spend an overnight midway if needed. 


10:00 am, Room 212 at Good Shepherd

$150 – For new people signing up.
$0 – If you have previously paid a deposit for Guatemala, that will be transferred to this trip.

Pastor Josh Brecht or Beckie Fingland for more information.