All too often we hear that someone we know—possibly a friend, relative, neighbor, church member, coworker, or client—is dealing with cancer. We want to reach out with care and support, but we may not be sure how.

Good Shepherd’s Cancer—Now What? Ministry provides, a simple, powerful way for anyone to help someone facing cancer.

Cancer Now What BooksVisit the Cancer—Now What? Ministry display in the Narthex. Contact Pastor Varinia for more information and to receive a book.

The Giver’s Guide will suggest ideas for how you may want to give the book to a person with cancer or to his or her loved one. Giving Cancer—Now What? is a practical, powerful way to help those with cancer navigate the wide range of challenges they may encounter—and to let them know, “You are not alone!”

Questions and Answers about Cancer—Now What? Ministry

Who pays for the Cancer—Now What? books that people take and give for free?

The special gifts of Good Shepherd members pay entirely for the books given to cancer patients and their family members.

To whom can I give a Cancer—Now What? book?

You can give Cancer—Now What? to anyone who has cancer—or to his or her family member. Anyone you know who is facing cancer—a Good Shepherd member, a relative, friend, neighbor, client, coworker—can benefit from receiving Cancer—Now What?

How do I know that giving Cancer—Now What? to someone with cancer will be beneficial to the person?

To get a sense of the difference that giving Cancer—Now What? can make for a cancer patient, watch a short video of a woman who had breast cancer who wishes someone would have given her Cancer—Now What? after her diagnosis:

What have been the results of Cancer—Now What? Ministry at Good Shepherd?

Since it began at Good Shepherd in January 2017, Good Shepherd members have given over 100 Cancer—Now What? books to people with cancer.  People have responded very positively to receiving the book. For example, a man described his experience receiving and reading Cancer—Now What? by posting this message on his Facebook page:

“Today, I am grateful for a book titled Cancer—Now What?, given to me by my cousin after my diagnosis. Cancer and everything that comes with it is incredibly scary. It stirs up a myriad of emotions, and at times doesn’t make any sense at all. You feel drained—not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. The most important thing you need at that time is to know you are not alone.

“Cancer—Now What? does just that. It really is an essential guide for facing this awful disease, and I am so incredibly grateful for being a recipient of this book. I am blessed!”

This man’s experience is multiplied by the many thousands of Cancer—Now What? books that have been given and received across North America.

Who wrote Cancer—Now What?

Cancer-Now What? was written by Dr. Kenneth Haugk, a clinical psychologist and pastor who walked alongside his wife, Joan, during her cancer journey. In writing this book, he worked with a research team that included Good Shepherd members Joel Bretscher & David Paap to gather firsthand knowledge and experiences from more than 3,500 cancer survivors, loved ones, and medical professionals.

Where can I get more information about Cancer—Now What?

You can visit the website to learn more about the book.

Contact Pastor Varinia Espinosa if you would like to know more about the Cancer-Now What? Ministry.