Grow Spiritually

At Good Shepherd Lutheran Church our heart is that you would experience the love and presence of God in your life more and more with each new day.
Life gets busy, so we are creating new resources and spiritual practices for you to help you connect with God wherever you are. 

Weekly Bible Readings & Memory Verses

The Bible is the most consistent and accessible way that God speaks to us. Spending time with God in the Bible every day is transformative for our lives. We created the Weekly Bible Readings & Memory Verses ebook to help you in your spiritual journey.

Download the ebook to read on your phone, tablet, Kindles, or computer. 

For phones, tablets, and Kindle, we recommend the ePub version
For computers, we recommend the pdf version.


Sermon Podcast

Week 2: ELCA and Lutheranism Today

Session 2 Handout