GSLC Endowment

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is two fold: 1) to receive immediate gifts, as well as estate planning gifts that donors want to be used in perpetuity for the benefit of God’s work and 2) to spend a percentage of the Fund every year to benefit missions of or through GSLC that are not part of the regular church budget.

Our Mission

The Endowment Fund exists to promote, in a tangible way, GSLC’s Mission and Vision Statements, which are “Following Christ, Growing in Faith, Sharing God’s Love” and “Guided by God’s Grace, and with a longing to grow our faith, we will be a church that helps people make a difference in our local communities, in the world and in our congregation.”

What are the Endowment Fund’s Investment Objectives?

The Endowment Fund has an infinite life; therefore, it is invested to achieve a total return encompassing both growth of principal and income that exceeds the rate of distribution (currently 5%) over time.

How May I Give to the Endowment?

Immediate gifts may be given by check or transfer of securities. We also welcome gifts of real assets, such as land, boats, aircraft or cars, which will be sold. Net proceeds will constitute the gift. In addition, the Endowment may be included as a beneficiary of your will, life insurance policy or Trust.

How Do I Benefit From A Donation to the Endowment?

The most important benefit is that you will be funding in perpetuity the mission of Christ through GSLC. In addition, for immediate gifts, you may take a current tax deduction, to the extent allowable by law. Gifts from an estate, life insurance policy or Trust may also have tax advantages.

Am I Recognized for Giving?

Absolutely. The Committee will maintain two “Endowment Books of Appreciation”. One will list those who have given to the Endowment, while the other will list those who have pledged to include the Endowment as part of their estate planning. Those books will be maintained online and in a prominent place at church. If requested, a donor may remain anonymous.

How Are Grants Made from the Endowment?

Five percent of the Fund’s December 31 value is used for approved requests during the following calendar year. Completed Grant Request Forms can be emailed to Steve Boyer or turned in to the church office. It is the goal of the Committee to have a decision made within thirty days of receiving a grant request.  GRANT REQUEST FORM

How Can I Know What Grants Have Been Used For?

The Endowment Committee is pledged to provide maximum transparency. To that end, every approved grant will be listed online, and will include the name, date, and amount. We ask that recipients provide a written report at the conclusion of their funded projects.  APPROVED GRANTS

What if I Have a Question?

Please direct any questions to Steve Boyer, Committee Chair.