Current Grants

Your Endowment Committee is pleased to announce the following grants:

2020 Grants:

  • $3,000 Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service
  • $3,000 Lexi Swain- Iliff School of Theology Scholarship
  • $2,500 Camp Tomah Shinga
  • $5,000 Show Me Campaign- GSLC Audio Visual equipment
  • $350 With God’s Little Ones
  • $4,000 Home Sweet Home
    $17,850 Total 2020 Grants

2019 Grants:
$1,800 Community of Hope Haiti
$5,000 Bravely St. Louis
$5,000 Home Sweet Home
$3,000 Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services
$1,200 Fellowship Forever Abilities Matter
$4,000 KU Campus Ministry Internship
$20,000 Total 2019 Grants 

2018 Grants:
$5,000 to Magdalene House St. Louis to support battered and abused women with three months of food
$800 to the GSLC WHIRL Relationship Team to help buy tables and chairs to create a Narthex space for relationship-building among members and visitors.
$5,000 to Wings of Love and Care ministry in Benton Park for mission-related facility upgrades
$5,000 to the Campaign for the ELCA for global mission work
$660 to the GSLC Community Garden for upgraded fencing, irrigation and netting
$5,000 to Wartburg Seminary student Dan Johnson
$5,000 to Wartburg Seminary Endowment
$1,000 to ELCUSFE Jeep Project for Lutheran ministers
$5,000 to Feed My Starving Children
$4,800 to Beyond Housing
$750 to GSLC Kidsports
$1,896 for ELCA Disaster Response
$1,232 to Wartburg College Choir
$41,138 Total 2018 Grants

2017 Grants:
Mission Garden $1,000
Mission Sewing $1,000
Feed My Starving Children $10,000
Campaign for the ELCA-World Hunger $5,000
Habitat for Humanity $5,000
Young Adults in Global Mission- Amy Kallansrud $5,000
With God’s Little Ones $2,500
Magdalene St. Louis House $1,000
$30,500 Total 2017 Grants