Mens Thursday Morning Bible Study Schedule

Current Schedule as of Thursday, May 14, 2020

Men’s Bible Breakfast

Now doing: Coffey with Bill

This meeting mimics the function of Panera without the travel.  The zoom meeting runs 0600 till 0800 hours and the study or guided questions until we chose to do something different, will run from 0615 till 0715 hours.  I will manage Breakrooms after 0715 to permit private, or not so private conversation (at your choice) till 0800.

Just a time to gather and share concerns and prayers.  Breakout rooms will be available.  if you want to check out your Tech beforehand give me a call and I will do one on one training.  The Video Conference is available from 6:00 AM just like Panera!

BYOC is bring your own coffee

Call to get invited: Bill Talbot
314.306.9323 (Cell, preferred)

We are waiting for the calm after this storm, so no meeting in person at Men’s Bible Breakfast—Winchester Bread Co. — Thursday 6:15am at St. Louis Bread Co.
information contact: Shawn Guerkink   email: