Our Visual Identity

A New Visual Identity for Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

presented by Brandon Wade

Like most businesses, churches and organizations, Good Shepherd uses a picture logo to identify ourselves in outgoing communications: on paper, shirts, signs, online, etc. The sheep and cross logo we have been using has served us well, and was designed in 1989 by Patty Bousman, but as many members and staff have noted, it has become somewhat outdated. In an effort to find some imagery that more accurately portrayed our congregation we began to investigate looking into a new visual identity. This would include a logo, font and color scheme. 

As the community of Good Shepherd, we wanted our visual identity to be accessible to the community that attends our church, as well as those who are outside of our community. The goal was that it would seem familiar and in line with our experience here. Ideally, any visual imagery would feel like us or explain us before you ever meet us or experience the place. It seemed fitting for this congregation to have a clean, timeless look, one that is accessible to different ages and cultural backgrounds.

We have landed on a mark that is both simple and uniquely us. It is modeled after the cross on the top of our sanctuary and seeks to portray our Christ-centered nature. Rounded corners visually describe our gentle and welcoming spirit. The colors used are taken from elements around the church. These natural tones provide a welcoming relaxed mood while complimenting our wooden sanctuary and stain glass.

Also, a special sheep icon has been developed to speak directly to our children. The intent is to use this icon in places we’d like to draw the children’s attention, like next to the children’s sermon or descriptions of family activities. You’ll notice its design leans much more towards cute and fun to be easily identified for children.

The typeface has been developed to strike a balance between contemporary and classic; professional and personal. We included the ELCA denomination in the logotype since “Lutheran” here more commonly refers to the Missouri Synod.

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